Posted by: helloworkday | October 4, 2012

Workday training schedules

As we’re a global company, there are people being trained around the globe…or attempting to be trained anyway.  Workday is still a young company, although they claim to offer an HCM product that meets the needs of global companies.  However, they have no trainers in Asia and only one for Europe.  No really, just one.  So what happens when that one is pre-booked for a customer course, etc.?  They fly another one over from the US.  My Asia colleague requires a few Workday courses, so he’s travelling to Pleasanton, California, along with other US cities, to be able to take them one after another.

That being said, Workday does offer online courses, to avoid the travel.  However, they offer them during US timezones, so either Eastern or Pacific time.  I’m not especially looking forward to taking an online course that starts at 5 PM Friday my time, however, that is the only option, so therefore it will be done.

Longer term, WD needs to step up the game a little in this regard, or stop claiming to be a global player.


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